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2/13 Mythic! Iron Reaver down.

Uze a posted Sep 10, 15

A lesson in raiding: show up = bosses down. Grats on a clutch one last pull.

Erchamion Leave it to me to be the only one who's moving during the SS...
Vanquisher I liked the last screenshot better....

Celesti Thats the best damn picture I've ever seen.
Pallybash a I can even pretend like I was there
Vanquisher GM Uze Screenshots > GM Aek Screenshots

8/10M Down!

Aekonea a posted Jun 4, 15

Congrats on a very solid Maidens kill. Next time don't stand in the beam at the end

Boomsun gz!
ßeastly good job guys!

7/10 Mythic

Aekonea a posted May 8, 15

Hard fought victory. Thought Dilli had that solo kill

Muzare well, according to the picture, the winning str4t3gy is to stack 3 muzares
Boomsun gzgz
ßeastly Good job guys!

6/10 Down!

Aekonea a posted Apr 23, 15

Took some time but Tho'gar is dealt with.

the fuck :p
sup nerds
We are back!
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