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Butcher Down! 4/7M

Aekonea a posted Feb 5, 15

It took some time but OLS took down one of the harder bosses in Highmaul. Good job guys, time for BRF

Suprax Hyperlink dawg.

Mythic Twins Dead 2/7M!

Aekonea a posted Feb 5, 15

Made quick work of Twins. Time to move on to tectus

Vysca i vote celesti posts the killshots from now on, he actually knows how to do it.
Pallybash a lawl
Judiance This picture is little big, can you please resize it?
Easy boss, Easy Life. 7/7H.

Heroic Garrosh 14/14HM

Shashe a posted May 25, 14
Thrall sucks at life. Just like every other tier, we cleaned it up! We also have a rank 1 Frost Dk in our midst.

Heroic Garrosh 14/14HM

Boomsun GZ ...
Suprax gtz, l2 hyper link screenshot.
Iambeast Rank 1? where are the logs for this...
After many heartbreaking wipes under 15% we finally managed to down one of the hardest bosses ever put in the game... post nerf :)
Took us a while, but we got it. Great job everyone.

Siege SS
Even though I don't play the game anymore I still gotta root for the best guild at there ONE LAST STAND!
Honestly we used to have a few dozen people that were quite regular, but as they "retired" no one really took their place :/
i check it everyday... but the amount of content being discussed has really gone down
I check it pretty regularly. Wish others did as well though. Oh well, it is what it is I suppose.
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