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8/10M Down!

Aekonea a posted Jun 4, 15

Congrats on a very solid Maidens kill. Next time don't stand in the beam at the end

Strangrdangr good job guys!

7/10 Mythic

Aekonea a posted May 8, 15

Hard fought victory. Thought Dilli had that solo kill

Muzare well, according to the picture, the winning str4t3gy is to stack 3 muzares ...
Boomsun gzgz
Strangrdangr Good job guys!

6/10 Down!

Aekonea a posted Apr 23, 15

Took some time but Tho'gar is dealt with.

5/10. No Big Deal!

Aekonea a posted Apr 9, 15

Made quick work of Gruul. Only 18 pulls!

pinquotriot a A far cry from TBC days, that's for sure
Boomsun NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!! gogogogo 1Ls!

Sorry beast, trinket dropped. Sucks to suck.

Boomsun Nice! Gratzz!!! ...
Always full of exuses Egg!
At least your OK there Dilli
I have a dr. note
Got in a collision with a car on my bike on my way home wednesday night. Have a followup on tuesday but I might be able to make back for wed/thursday progression! Sorry for my absence, I was hospitalized.
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