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Heroic Garrosh 14/14HM

Shashe a posted May 25, 14
Thrall sucks at life. Just like every other tier, we cleaned it up! We also have a rank 1 Frost Dk in our midst.

Heroic Garrosh 14/14HM

Boomsun GZ ...
Suprax gtz, l2 hyper link screenshot.
Iambeast Rank 1? where are the logs for this...
After many heartbreaking wipes under 15% we finally managed to down one of the hardest bosses ever put in the game... post nerf :)
Took us a while, but we got it. Great job everyone.

Siege SS
19 pulls and 20 hours of cool down discussion later, we bagged our self a Dino!
Congrats everyone, time for Siegecrafter.

Thok SS
Jazzifizzle It's why I post it ^.^
Celesti Thanks to Jazzi for letting me steal her picture
Turns out all we needed to do was open a 2nd large!
Well done everyone, now its time for the hard heroics!

Spoils SS
Celesti Been trying to find out how forever now
Suprax Eww L2 Hyperlink. Cant see the fukn Screenshot!

Entering Heroic Siege!

pinquotriot a posted Oct 19, 13
As we all know I'm awful at posting shots and making even decent screenshots, but here we go!

First we all know we had to at least kill NORMAL Garrosh before going too far, and so here he is!  Shoutouts to Thrall for doing nothing to aid us for the second expansion in a row!
Normal Garrosh

After Garrosh came immerseus, but sadly, i failed in getting a screenshot :(  Oh well, its not like he took more than 5 pulls to learn anyways!  

After Immerseus came the fallen protectors - the secret was - dodge stuff on the ground.
Heroic Fallen

Finally, we wrap up this update with our latest kill, Heroic Norushen.  Nothing gets it done like having a main raider's brother play their account!
Heroic Norushen

Jazzifizzle I'm guessing Circ and Sion?
ap0ng Main raider's brother LOL
Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation... Sha la la la la lahhh
They're also working on integrating Twitter into WoW
Foundry in February
Dang, look what happens when you have a raid full of people who dont stand in crap and can think for themselves. You kill bosses!
those lines though
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