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Sorry beast, trinket dropped. Sucks to suck.

3/10! Time for Flamebender

Aekonea a posted Thu at 0:06

Grats guys on 3/10M.

Mythic Beastlord Dead!

Iambeast posted Mar 19, 15

2/10 Mythic!

Oregorger Defeated

Aekonea a posted Mar 16, 15

1/10M boys, keep up the good work!

Butcher Down! 4/7M

Aekonea a posted Feb 5, 15

It took some time but OLS took down one of the harder bosses in Highmaul. Good job guys, time for BRF

Suprax Hyperlink dawg.
7 days left in the contest!
Also, as a note, I am considering making a new website as a side project now that I've been forced to bone up on [link] so hard lately. Anyone else want to help?
So I paid for an extra 90 day "advanced" plan. There's an ultimate plan. it gives a 20 person mumble along with an emoji manager for an extra 15 a month. 20 person mumble seems pretty tough since there's absolutely no room for listeners
No-life Bob may be making a comeback next week.
I need the 5 ilvls to beat the egglord
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
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Housemarque's voxel-packed side-scrolling shooter Resogun is easy to love for it's stimulating visuals and soundtrack, but once your newfound fascination with voxels and dance music finally cools, it's the challenge to survive and the ca...
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MGM today published the first trailer for this year's 007 movie, Spectre, and it gives us a lot to think about.One line in particular stands out to me. "You've got a secret. Something you can't tell anyone, because you don't trust anyone...
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Just because the first expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition--Jaws of Hakkon--launched first on Xbox One and PC, doesn't mean it's not coming to PlayStation 4. The content will indeed be released on Sony's new console, and BioWare is pla...
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Community remasters of Half-Life 2 and Morrowind are set to impress, Batman: Arkham games could be coming to current gen, and free Xbox games for April!
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Today's best deal comes from Walmart, which is offering a New 3DS XL bundle with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and your choice of select Amiibo figurines for $220. Alternatively, the retailer has a New 3DS XL bundle with your choice of selec...
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